SAM_0398In our quest to visit all of Wisconsin’s waterfront campgrounds, we found ourselves at Point Beach State Forest. The campground is a short walk across the main road to get to the beach.  Overall, we weren’t too impressed with this campground.  Certainly a good enough place to stay when you are in the area, but not a favorite.  There are electric sites; however, the loop without electricity is way nicer. It is worth noting this campground had the oddest host site we had ever seen. It was a huge, central site covered from corner to corner with lawn ornaments, Badgers gear, astro turf, and lit up like the Fourth of July with decorative lighting. We were so disappointed we didn’t get a picture.  It would have had to be a night shot.

Still, Point Beach is great.  The beaches in the park are scenic and, at least while we were there, not crowded at all.SAM_0401There is also a nice large public beach on the way into Two Rivers.  The water is waste deep for a hundred yards or more. There are lots of kids and families.  And, plenty of room for frisbee, flying kites, and other funtivities.SAM_0386