StarBImaging_Gonz 315lensflarePat and Leah were married at her sister and brother-in-law’s horse farm outside Wisconsin Dells.  We’ve known these two for years, but it was our first time getting to meet their family.  It comes as no surprise that Pat and Leah come from good people.  It was our honor to get to be there to help capture memories from this beautiful day. And, we chalked up our first bridal party shooting shot. StarBImaging_Gonz 794StarBImaging_Gonz 677   StarBImaging_Gonz 681 StarBImaging_Gonz 669 StarBImaging_Gonz 604StarBImaging_Gonz 1140 StarBImaging_Gonz 502 StarBImaging_Gonz 347 StarBImaging_Gonz 312