StarBimaging_Stolzolino 637Josh & Layne are the heart of this community.  We were all so happy when they found each other and so delighted to celebrate this momentous occasion with them. Every detail of their wedding reflected them so well.  Classic and classy, locally-sourced, purple-y, and fueled by friends and family. These two are quite a pair. You kind of don’t have to even know them to love them.  Can you tell?  StarBimaging_Stolzolino 824StarBimaging_Stolzolino 832  StarBimaging_Stolzolino 409-crop StarBimaging_Stolzolino 273 StarBimaging_Stolzolino 636 He’s renewable energy, she’s local food economy, together they’re StarBimaging_Stolzolino 658changing the world.