Dead Horses at People Fest

It was our first year at this sweet, family friendly festival in the Driftless area.  We had a great time at People Fest with our friends at Eddie Danger Music and Happy Jangles – where great music and glitter tattoos abound.


Happy Jangles glitter tattos

One of Ed’s sets included a performance with Dr. Bob’s Puppet Show.

Eddie Danger at People Fest 2015

A highlight of the festival was climbing People Fest mountain to join the annual family photo atop the highest hill in the valley.  Ed, Ryan, and I – each hauling a child on our backs – made our way up with the rest of the crowd.

People Fest climb


Eddie Danger at People Fest

I felt like the toughest chick around until I saw Sarah Vos walking up the hill behind me, barefoot, and still singing from the set Dead Horses just wrapped up. Even the bass player hauled that giant beast up the hill- and they played for the crowd while we climbed, while we sat, and while everyone filed out.  Dead Horses just can’t get enough, and we can’t get enough of them.

Dead Horses at People Fest

Dead Horses at People Fest

Sarah and the boys signed my CD while we waited for the group photographer’s instructions. Leo was still asleep in the carrier on my back while I got these shots.

We’re looking forward to this one next year.

Eddie Danger