These two are the real deal. There is no instrument they can’t play. No song they won’t rock in some new, old bluegrass way. And, they just happen to be two of our favorite people. We’ve known Jeff and Maria forever. We photographed their wedding, Jeff played music at ours, and we often cross paths at festivals and other venues. Still, we have never had the opportunity to spend much one-on-one time together until now. The whole Sachs family stopped by Star B Studios over the weekend to get some professional shots for their duo, The Chord Trackers. We had lunch, played music with the kids, and of course, took lots of pictures.




Yeah, they’re awesome. You know you want to listen. Okay, fine, here is a live session Ryan just filmed for them at the Wisconsin Roots Music Cooperative. There, are you happy?  Yes, I know you are.

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