Note to self: When in doubt, be love. When it seems too hard, dig deeper and find a way. Love is even more important then. There is always a way. I don’t mean the mushy, gushy, “nice” kind of love. I mean the big, fierce, “be real” sort of love. The kind that resonates at your core and lights you up from within. The kind that can bowl you over and lift others up. The kind, that sometimes, some days, requires more of you than you think you have to give. It’s always there if you remember to look. That love is not for “them,” it’s for you. Because love is who you are.


I have an actual note to self stuck to my computer screen as a reminder. It’s the pink one at the top of this post. It simply says “Be Love.” Recently, in his quest to be constantly adorable and distracting, my 5 year old was playing in my office while I worked. I was focused, busy, and not really having the best day. He interrupted me to ask me to read something for him. He had written some letters but didn’t know what they said. It turns out, he had copied the note that was stuck to my computer monitor. He looked up at me with his big sweet brown eyes, full of genuine curiosity and pride, to ask, “what does this say, mama”? In an instant, I was teleported – back in my body, back in this moment, back with this sweet and awesome little man, and back to who I really am. “It says ‘be love’ sweety,” I said as I scooped him up on my lap. He smiled, laughed, and jumped down to go write more notes. I think he wrote that note about 20 times. He stuck them all over the house. On the bathroom mirror, on the stove, on food in the refrigerator. He made a bracelet and a note for his Dad and left it for him to find. Oh boy is that boy love. Big love.


Apparently, even with notes posted where I can readily see them, I still sometimes need reminding. My kids are often at the ready, there to teach me what they still easily know without being told. We are here on this Earth to love and be loved. In the face of all the darkness and light of this world, there is no greater calling or greater service. There is also no guidebook or prescribed set of steps to follow. Love can appear and express itself in a million different ways. It is for each of us to determine for ourselves in each moment. What is love? Who am I? How can I be love today?