Hi, my name is Jesse.  I  like to take pictures. My husband, Ryan, does too. We take a lot of pictures; of our travels, events, friends, food, and nature. These days, we mostly take pictures of our kids, Ardea and Leopold. Maybe we’ll cool it eventually, but probably not. We’ve also been having fun with filming and producing music videos for friends.

familyJesse created this blog to share photos, log our travels, and encourage everyone to have more fun! Occasionally, she forces Ryan to write something too:) Recently, Ryan’s Dad, Alan, joined the family blog to share “Backyard Stories” and other insights about life, nature, and amazing things he finds out his backdoor at Star B Farm.


We’ve named this blog after our family farm in Central Wisconsin. “Star B” is a magical place where Alan lives and we all visit and play as often as possible. For more than  a decade, we’ve been working together to restore the old farmhouse, out buildings, land, and our little piece of the river, lake, and wetland that feed the farm. From time to time, we’ll share stories that illustrate how, for us, the pursuit of sustainability and the experience of happiness are one and the same.

If you would like us to take pictures with you, help promote your event, or travel to your super great destination, you can reach us at gratefuljesse (at) gmail (dot) com.

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