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The real reason kids are going outside less and 5 things you can do about it

There is a lot of talk these days about the time kids spend attached to screens and electronic devices rather than playing outside like older generations used to. I've spent more than a decade working in environmental education. I helped... Continue Reading →

Boats, Bluegrass, and Badass Women

Well, it happened again. Our annual Boats and Bluegrass Bliss Bubble was amazing as usual. It was blissful, there were bubbles, the grass was blue, and the boats were free. Every year there are more families, more new friends, and... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Camping with Kids in Style

The most important thing to know about camping with kids is that it is a lot of work and will likely suck at least some of the time. Of course, that also describes a normal day at home with your... Continue Reading →

Boats & Bluegrass Bliss Bubble

A magical bliss bubble encircles Boats and Bluegrass Festival and all its happy campers. We look forward to it all year long. This year, like all others, was epic. Ed was Master of Ceremonies for the festival, Ryan and I played... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Nicolet

Late Thursday night we decided to go camping for the weekend. I packed the next morning and we left as soon as Ryan was done with work. We loved these spontaneous adventures when we lived in Colorado. We would decide... Continue Reading →

Great American Canoe Festival

Ardea and Leo can officially say their first time in a canoe was in the Boundary Waters, in a boat built by their Grandfather, at the first Great American Canoe Festival . We spent an idyllic weekend camping with Ryan's Dad... Continue Reading →

Boats and Bluegrass

Every year, we end our summer at the Boats and Bluegrass Festival camping along the Mississippi River, listening to (and playing) great music, and catching up with old (and new) friends. The festival if family friendly, and soooo much fun... Continue Reading →

Brunet Island State Park

We spent the weekend exploring Brunet Island State Park.  A small, beautiful park along the Chippewa River (25 miles NE of Chippewa Falls, WI).  The campground has many waterfront sites and access to bike trails and boat ramps.

Van Vliet Hemlocks

We decided to visit the Van Vliet Hemlocks while camping in the Boulder Junction area. The recently designated park contains 400 acres of rare old-growth hemlock forest and about a mile of pristine shoreline.  The trail system is new and... Continue Reading →

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