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Blessing your way

The women in my sweet little community celebrate new moms (and other life transitions) with a "Blessingway" ceremony honoring the woman, all women, and the timeless bonds that connect and support us all. Blessingways are the best. The events we... Continue Reading →

Learning from kids

That's it. I've decided. This is my reminder. My kids have more to teach me than I do them. My job is really just to help keep them alive (and hopefully thriving). They teach me how to live. Or is... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Camping with Kids in Style

The most important thing to know about camping with kids is that it is a lot of work and will likely suck at least some of the time. Of course, that also describes a normal day at home with your... Continue Reading →

Baby love

As we all eagerly await news of this little one's arrival, we were delighted to capture memories of his mama's beautiful belly. Layne and Josh are amazing people and they are going to be such awesome parents. Everyone in our community is ridiculously happy... Continue Reading →

True love

On this day four years ago, I was sitting with my mom as she took her last breath in this world. After a year of battling cancer, and too many weeks of succumbing to its grip, she was ready, and finally,... Continue Reading →

5 Things I’ve learned since my Mom died

Before my mom died, I made her promise to haunt me. She said she would, but made me promise to believe it was really her. The night she died, I had a vivid dream where she sat me down to... Continue Reading →

Featured post

For my Father

My father would have turned 70 today. He was a great man. Not many people knew that, least of all him. He taught me so much during the years we were together and perhaps even more during the many years... Continue Reading →

Boats & Bluegrass Bliss Bubble

A magical bliss bubble encircles Boats and Bluegrass Festival and all its happy campers. We look forward to it all year long. This year, like all others, was epic. Ed was Master of Ceremonies for the festival, Ryan and I played... Continue Reading →

Wausau Family Fun

We decided to head to the "big city" of Wausau, Wisconsin to check out the annual Chalk Festival and some other local kid friendly attractions. Our mission for  the day was Chalk Fest, a story walk at the Monk Botanical... Continue Reading →

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