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Sustain This: 7 things I’ve learned about sustainability

I live in a bubble. I admit it. It's a sweet little bubble full of funny, wonderful people who love local food, renewable energy, and learning to live lighter on the Earth. Even when I think I'm branching out, I just... Continue Reading →

Wind of Change

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting staff photos for one of our favorite local companies, North Wind Renewable Energy Cooperative. They were celebrating their recent transition to a 100 percent employee owned company after years of research and planning.... Continue Reading →

The Chord Trackers

These two are the real deal. There is no instrument they can't play. No song they won't rock in some new, old bluegrass way. And, they just happen to be two of our favorite people. We've known Jeff and Maria... Continue Reading →

Water is Special

That's what I tell my kids. At ages 3 and 5, it's the best answer to many of their incessant "why" questions these days. Water is special. And since water is so special, we each have to do our part to... Continue Reading →

Baby love

As we all eagerly await news of this little one's arrival, we were delighted to capture memories of his mama's beautiful belly. Layne and Josh are amazing people and they are going to be such awesome parents. Everyone in our community is ridiculously happy... Continue Reading →

True love

On this day four years ago, I was sitting with my mom as she took her last breath in this world. After a year of battling cancer, and too many weeks of succumbing to its grip, she was ready, and finally,... Continue Reading →

The President Wears No Clothes

First of all, let me apologize for the frightful mental image this title conjures. I spend a lot of time reading children's stories to my 3 and 4 year old, and also pondering the state of our world. Sometimes the... Continue Reading →

No parachute

Last summer, I called my Aunt for career advise. She suggested I read "What Color is Your Parachute." I had never heard of the (best-selling ever career) book, which might explain the challenges I was currently facing.  I just knew... Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Roots Music Cooperative

Recently we've been working with local musicians from the Wisconsin Roots Music Cooperative. The Coop is a forum for artists to collaborate and help each other gain exposure.  It's one of a myriad of ideas and to come out of... Continue Reading →

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