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5 Things I’ve learned since my Mom died

Before my mom died, I made her promise to haunt me. She said she would, but made me promise to believe it was really her. The night she died, I had a vivid dream where she sat me down to... Continue Reading →

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Learning from kids

That's it. I've decided. This is my reminder. My kids have more to teach me than I do them. My job is really just to help keep them alive (and hopefully thriving). They teach me how to live. Or is... Continue Reading →

The Big 4 Oh!

I turn forty today. I guess that means something sort of. I've never really paid much attention to age after I achieved all those childhood milestones that were attached to gaining more freedom. Those mattered. As an adult, birthdays have... Continue Reading →

Boats, Bluegrass, and Badass Women

Well, it happened again. Our annual Boats and Bluegrass Bliss Bubble was amazing as usual. It was blissful, there were bubbles, the grass was blue, and the boats were free. Every year there are more families, more new friends, and... Continue Reading →

Driving on Sunshine

The world's largest renewable energy and sustainable living fair happens in our tiny town of Custer, Wisconsin. The Energy Fair is an event we never miss - seriously, it was the one blackout date we had when planning our wedding.... Continue Reading →

Opportunity Lost

It was three days past Christmas, and not much above zero. The light, westerly breeze cut into exposed skin like a scalpel. A dozen of us, bundled in layers of coats and sweaters, climbed into Justin Isherwood’s old manure spreader,... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Camping with Kids in Style

The most important thing to know about camping with kids is that it is a lot of work and will likely suck at least some of the time. Of course, that also describes a normal day at home with your... Continue Reading →

Sustain This: 7 things to know if you care about sustainability

I live in a bubble. I admit it. It's a sweet little bubble full of funny, wonderful people who love local food, renewable energy, and learning to live lighter on the Earth. Even when I think I'm branching out, I just... Continue Reading →

Wind of Change

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting staff photos for one of our favorite local companies, North Wind Renewable Energy Cooperative. They were celebrating their recent transition to a 100 percent employee owned company after years of research and planning.... Continue Reading →

The Chord Trackers

These two are the real deal. There is no instrument they can't play. No song they won't rock in some new, old bluegrass way. And, they just happen to be two of our favorite people. We've known Jeff and Maria... Continue Reading →

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